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Albertsons named Top Retailer for 2020

Posted by Megan Reinertson on July 24, 2020

Essential Services are synonymous now more than ever with the year 2020.  Everyday items and tasks once seen as instinctual, are now scrutinized and strategized.  The public demands a constant supply of these services but are at the ready to analyze HOW people involved are acting in their surroundings. fridge 1

Amidst the chaos and uncertainty, the retail and grocery ‘worlds’ stepped up their game.  There was no option of shutting down, only ramping up.  Delivery and carry-out service initiatives were made high priorities.  An increase in personnel and hours were needed to fulfill new procedures.  All of this done with low-inventoried cleaner, gloves and masks.

One recognized for their efforts, especially during this current economic climate, is Albertsons.  Named Supermarket News Retailer of the year, Albertsons serves as an advocate for grocery workers to be considered emergency first responders, according to Supermarket News.

“…heading into 2020 and through the turbulent year so far, Albertsons has stayed the course with its sales momentum; its immediate strong response to… its efforts to promote diversity, equality and inclusion; its technology and branding advances; and its ability to pivot and innovate in a very challenging time…”

                                                - Michael Browne, executive editor of Supermarket News. “

TNG Retail Services is honored and proud to be partnered with Albertsons' enterprise and initiatives.  With an 18+ year tenure, we’ve seen, firsthand, how impactful a refreshed store base can be.  Being in the stores directly and knowing there is an increase in customer loyalty during these unprecedented times is a true testament to what good teamwork can do.  TNG Retail Services will continue to provide our essential services such as resets, remodels and store renovation work to the public AND retailers in which ever way makes both successful and thrive.

Check out the full article HERE.

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