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Compliance Watch: your Tool for advanced Promotional Displays and Results

Posted by Megan Reinertson on January 14, 2020

Cincy Photos (79 of 113)In the retail and Consumer Product Goods (CPG) world, we take for granted the success of what flies off the shelves and what gets lost in the shuffle of ever-changing trends. With constant movement and consumer shopping habits, it is easy for products and procedures to fall through the cracks. This is also true for promotional displays throughout stores. The only way to combat this is with top employees equipped with the necessary tools to not only get the job done, but get it done right.

With that in mind, TNG Retail Services introduces the Compliance Watch program. With Compliance Watch, your TNG Retail Services’ portal is current with the most accurate and up-to-date information in real-time. It’s no surprise that retail companies invest more in promotions when they are provided proof of a high level of retailer promotion execution.

"TNG Retail Services’ vast experience and expertise in providing quality promotional data compliance information has made us the marketplace leader in providing this service. The timeliness and accuracy of our promotional display auditing has provided our customers information they can rely on in evaluating their promotional effectiveness."

                               -Jay Wysong

Compliance Watch’s promotional display auditing provides retailers accurate information for assessing their promotion’s effectiveness both in product promotional assortment and promotional display location in-store. Through the use of web-based, high-efficiency scanning devices and reliable associates visiting your store(s) every week, executed compliance is completed at a 98% increase. 

“Capital investment into technology needs to be a primary focus. Staying current is necessary. Our clients expect and deserve accurate performance data delivered on a daily basis.”

                              -Steven Pang

Compliance Watch’s multi-dimensional promotional display data dashboard platform provides real-time actionable execution results for retailers’ and CPG companies’ awareness and follow-up. The data collection is used to scorecard individual store operational compliance in accordance to the retailer’s promotional sales plan. The quality of data imported is double-checked, and the scan counts of store audits are compared and completed before any information is approved, processed and forwarded to the client. Once the promotional audit is complete, this data is processed immediately and delivered into the portal. This level of accuracy is exercised constantly to provide the best type of service.

“TNG Retail Services continues to evolve and position itself as the go-to provider for [retail support] to major CPG companies. This extraordinary success is a reflection of our entire TNG Retail Services team working in unison to provide a consistent, best-in-class service to our customers on multiple levels as we move products to move businesses forward.”

                              -Jay Wysong

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