Alcohol Sales Lose Spirit: Opportunity at Retail

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As the country opens up there will once again shift in consumption patterns. Restaurant patios will once again fill. And, as confidence increases, people will move from at-home alcohol consumption to out-of-home consumption.  According to a recent CNN article, alcohol sales fell for the first time since the pandemic began.

Consumers Move Back to Restaurants and Bars

"We have officially surpassed one year of drastic shifts in consumer and shopper behaviors resulting from the pandemic in the United States. At this time last year, alcohol volume experienced massive shifts from the on-premise to off-premise," Kosmal said in a statement."

"Despite the declines, consumers are still buying lots of booze. Nielsen said that retail sales of spirits, wine, and beer are still roughly 20% to 30% higher this month compared to March 2019. The research firm warns that those trends will "flatten" in the coming weeks as more states reopen."

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For wine, beer, or spirit brands competing against those easily won numbers from the previous year, there are opportunities at retail.

Know What's Going on at Retail

Optic IntelligenceLooking at aggregate data doesn't really provide the nuances that give decision-makers the ability to act. There are major wins that can be created by developing a more tailored approach to unique markets and stores. We've seen an increased desire to understand exactly what is happening in stores with placement and facings. We provide our clients a view into each and every store without having to maintain their own field force.  Using our Optic Intelligence proprietary software,  they feel more empowered to make decisions that are right for their brand.

Alcohol_DisplaypngDrive Discovery and Purchase at Retail

Once our clients have their newfound knowledge, they can then proceed to sharpen display or redefine their paid-for shelf-space. And, in the states that allow it, we've been helping our clients make macro and micro changes that give them that enhanced capability for competing with their brands. 

From product placement, fixture upgrades to promotion campaign support, we activate your vision and make things possible at retail for brands and companies. 

Curious about how we can activate your brand(s)? 

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It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.