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Consumers, with the change in routine and habits are making different choices than they were even eight months ago. There has been a definite shift where money is being spent and this requires grocery retailers to act and change up stores in response to that shift. I recently attended a Supermarket News industry webinar that highlighted some of those changes. Some were surprising, others were not. Here’s a broad sweep list:

Health, wellbeing, and safety are number one

“Supermarkets moved very quickly to put in safety protocols. We’ve been doing some extensive consumer surveying — we call it the ‘comfort index’ — and the consumer is by far the most comfortable going to a grocery retailer,” said Scott Mushkin, founder and CEO of R5 Capital. “They’ve done an outstanding job. That’s part of what we call the ‘supermarket renaissance,’ where, especially for younger shoppers that maybe were going to five or six different venues, all of a sudden they find the one-stop shop more appealing. The traditional grocery store, we think, is going to come out of the pandemic a lot greater.”

Consumers are also moving quicker toward health and wellbeing; making choices for themselves and their families that will support this.

Technology activation has been accelerated

E-commerce, touch-less options for shoppers, and delivery are all areas that have seen accelerated growth.

Inspirational shopping experiences are in even higher demand

From in-store services to that blurring of grocery to restaurants within stores, consumers continue to look for answers that inspire.

Shoppers are making upgraded choices

With the decrease in restaurant spending, consumers are still wanting that treat or that special meal and are choosing to upgrade at grocery.

As an agent of change working for an industry that depends upon change, we know that long after this unprecedented time in our history, we will be moving merchandise, gondolas, and even entire stores, to appeal to the changing needs and desires of today’s shopper and consumer. There are categories that were forgotten, categories that didn’t get much attention for years and suddenly, those categories have now become ‘hot’ once again. We’re helping retailers capitalize on those. There are also up and coming categories. Such as the accelerated movement to organic and natural products. Or, the need for e-commerce fulfillment areas to address the rise in reduced visits. There is also the shifts that are created by carving out grocerant areas in store. Those changes require store remodels.

We’re here to help retailers capitalize on those spending shifts from setting up promotional displays to new item cut-ins to section resets and full store remodels.

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It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.