Looking and Feeling Your Best is Back: Retail Opportunity Sparked.

The masks are coming off and America is opening up.  The newest CDC regulations have sparked a new wave of interactions, and people are beginning to step back into the social light.  And, they're bringing pre-Covid practices with them.


It's no surprise with consumers returning to retail, stores are paying close attention to which products are popular and in-demand.  cosmetic and health & wellness sales are seeing a drastic incline.  An quote from Retail Leader writer Amy Baxter states, '...consumers are wanting to look and feel their best before venturing back out into the world...beauty products are making a mark in first quarter earnings sales being released over the past few weeks.'

After the CDC issued fully vaccinated patrons need not wear face coverings unless under certain circumstances, people are putting their focus on hygiene and appearance.  A cosmetic surge is being witnessed, and people are getting them from their grocery retailers. cosm 3

Now that beauty is back,

the cosmetic category's followers are paving the way for potential profit. But, you have to make sure their experience is seamless.  With thousands of moving pieces and multiple vendors with unique displays graphics and fixtures, that is a difficult and overwhelming goal to achieve.  Think about it: are you ready?

cosm 2

Even if there is the slightest doubt about your cosmetic position, not to worry.  We can get you there.  Why?  Because we've done it even when numbers were not on our side.  After completing 300 stores in the middle of the pandemic, SAS Retail Services was awarded and completed over 1300 stores' cosmetic resets in the first half of 2021 alone.  We ramped up our output to make sure retailers were and are prepared for the wave that continues to hit.  

We're here to solve for anything that needs to be moved at retail.  How can we help move your business forward? Let us know!

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