Product Trends Require Another Pivot at Retail

Covid-19 turned the world on its head.  We're defining new norms and what once made sense, is up for individual assumption and acceptance. Especially throughout the United States.  The Real Estate market had an astronomical increase rate over the last two years with no signs of correction, pet shelters' inventory is at an all-time low (YAY!) and auto-lots are practically begging people to trade-in their vehicles; almost making non-classic cars an appreciating asset.  Analysts are on a non-stop statistical hunt with our consumption and spending. 

What about shopping trends within retail? 


What We Saw During the Pandemic
NCS sales trends

A few items that experienced massive spotlights made sense during the 'stay-home' phenomenon.

Hit hardest were products relating to social actions and activities. Particularly - travel.  Once again, with a mandatory halt on all travel, it makes sense these items' sales declined.  But, now as the world begins to open up, a total reverse is not in the cards.  Why?  Because the re-opening does not look the same.  We circle back to those 'new norms.'  Corporations see the money-saving and increased productive mentality the 'home office' constructed.  So, why return to 100%?  They're not. 




While companies measure remote pros and cons, we see certain CPG categories increasing in sales; particularly cosmetics and travel/trial-size items.  

NCS sales trends up

Per NCSolutions's data chart to the left, These numbers suggest people are gaining travel confidence.  They are redefining their prep and beauty routines, while also exploring new products within the category. 

To serve the 'new norm' consumer best, retail needs to redesign, reconfigure and prepare their inventory, layouts, and locations to meet the upcoming demands.  


We Are Experts
Travel Size picCosmetic pic-1

In order to maximize sales, popular CPG categories need to be seen and accessible.  SAS Retail Services is all-knowledgeable when it comes to cosmetics, trial-size, stock, and pop-up displays.  Specifically designed to spark shopper attention, these displays supply retailers with the necessary areas to fulfill quick turnaround demand. 

But, as suggested in the title, pop-ups do not always measure up to the existing store schematics and inventory.  Once again, that is where we come in.  A recent cosmetic reset did not fit in the intended store's location.  Scrapping a display and full category reset is not an option, especially when your sales sheet is on the line.  SAS Retail Services surveyed the situation, jury-rigged the existing display to fit with the new, and reorganized the materials and products to fit.  Though we stepped outside the intended plan, these quick decisions and solutions are why we are experts in our field.
Need some ideas on how to prepare for the out-of-pandemic trends?  Click below to begin a dialogue.  

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It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.