Retailers Acquiring Stores or Setting Up New Distribution Reduce Headaches

Conversion to new ownership tagging made simpleThis year may escalate unprecedented changes to the grocery retail environment. Grocery retail, despite having a boon year for growth had previously been challenged on many fronts and the current economic climate, among other things, may mount those challenged retailers.
Amazon’s stronghold in the e-commerce space was made even stronger by consumers sheltering in place and trip consolidation. Direct to consumer companies are also gaining market. Shopper behavior, which has been shaping store sets and sizes, may also see dramatic changes. Categories that were often an afterthought at retail have come to the forefront.

You know it, challenges also create opportunity

Those challenges along with fallout from struggling retailers have created huge opportunity. Retailers have shortened timelines and are making great strides to gain or maintain their place in the consumers’ shopping rotation. We see big moves by retailers to scale online fulfillment with huge investments in fulfillment centers and, we are also experiencing escalated merger and acquisition activity. All the while, short-term planning and response needs to continue as the pandemic continues to thrive.

Opportunities create need for store conversions

SAS Retail Services has been there for retailer and consumer packaged goods companies with continued high-quality execution. Click here to view our proven performance during this time. Not only are we experts at movement of merchandise at retail, we are also experts in helping retailers navigate and execute new store set ups, source of supply moves, division changes or conversions, as a result of acquisitions.

Your store-level point of difference, realized quicker

You know with any conversion, time is of the essence, so to is accuracy of distribution. You want to get your private brands and other products that are your point of difference, on the shelf as soon as possible. Getting it right from source to shelf is so important. We’ve helped many retailers through this process.

Acquisitions require precision planning and rapid movement

For example, take acquisitions… We excel at the complexity of system and assortment alignment. From mapping to retagging and merchandise movement, own-brand changeover and large-scale new item blitz initiatives are systematically ‘handled’ with accuracy and precision. We partner with you to develop your priorities on category resets and determine a calendar for resets and remodels that moves your business forward. Less hassle, less headaches, quicker action. All things necessary in today’s world and the need to keep your shopper.

Curious how we’ve helped retailers with these opportunities? Learn more and reach out to us.


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It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.