Wellness strategies: Where do we start?


SAS Retail Services understands the current climate’s stress levels and how we are ALL effected by it. No matter your status in life, stress and uncertainty affects us all, and we all have different ways of dealing with it. To continue the focus on our Team Members’ well-being and everyone we interact with, we are highlighting September as Self-Care Awareness Month. We want to take this time and provide resources, experiences and suggestions people can incorporate into their daily lives, should they choose. We want us all to be our best selves and to maintain a healthy and progressive lifestyle.

Diving into our own community, there are several SAS Retail Services Team Members who have adopted, incorporated and educated others on the concept of M.E.D.S. = Meditation. Exercise. Diet. Sleep. Throughout September, we are going to designate a week to each theme and explore it further. First off, what is M.E.D.S.?

A simple acronym, this concept describes some of the most important elements of your health.

M is for Meditation

Meditation can look and feel like many different things. If you see it as sitting on the floor with your Overviewlegs crossed and fingers daintily touching, that’s great. Others may find it to be reading a book, listening to music, taking a bath, playing a game, etc. The main point is to take some time out just to think.  

Meditation opens the door to Mental Health and the importance of keeping your mind sharp and healthy. We sometimes overlook our mental health because we grow with external factors dictating our learning and development. As an adult, it’s up to us to continue this focus on our own.

      E is for Exercise   

overview 2Our bodies are hard-working machines, and we need to keep them running smoothly. Just like industrial equipment and metal marvels, as we age, we need to adjust the level of support we provide our bodies to function properly. Don’t feel you have to completely change up your routine. Adding in 20 minutes of walking can do wonders and can ease you into a more robust program, if that is your choice! This is about you and your goals.

D is for Diet

That nasty four-letter word society has corrupted its root meaning. Diet does not have to mean cuttingOverview 1 calories, starving yourself or completely changing your grocery list. It’s a modest noun which indicates what we consume in our daily lives. Simply, what we put in, is what we get out.

Like exercise, if it helps you stick to a more healthy lifestyle, start switching out less-than healthy practices with better-healthy practices. As an example:

  • If you have a treat or type of dessert every day, start out with going every-other day and progress from there. Make a note and do this as your own pace.
  • Cut the rubbish and add nutrition.

                                                                             S is for Sleep

sleep depSleep deprivation is something MAJORITY of us can group ourselves into. Yes – we know the recommended amount of full REM cycled sleep is 7-9 hours, but external forces rarely allow the average person to adhere to this oh-so-sought after experience.

You can make it simple, depending on your personal day. Think about how quickly 20 minutes goes. Find a section, define its importance and see if you can redirect and then commit that 20 minutes to your bedtime/sleep routine. A  little can go a long way!

What's next?

Join us in the upcoming weeks where we will dive deeper into each of these themes. Engage in the research behind the positives and negatives M.E.D.S uncovers. Read personal experiences SAS Retail Services Team Members graciously share about their journeys with M.E.D.S. Decide what your Self-Care goals are and start being a better you.

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