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We are ready in a moment's notice.

Crisis can have so many meanings.  At SAS Retail Services, we see a crisis as an opportunity to go above and beyond.  Though Spring is upon us, Winter left some areas with a crisis as a parting gift.  

As a ferocious ice storm blew through the Northwest, one of the Safeway grocery stores in Portland, OR was hit hard.  The roof collapsed, the interior structure compromised and a frontline food establishment was shut down, leaving many without that needed grocery location.

We were called, and without hesitation, our Team began picking up the pieces. Clean-up immediately transpired.  For safety, the interior was only accessed by Albertson personnel and constructions teams. 


"The sales floor was off-limits to us. I did get to peek through the window of the back door.  There was a big cyclone fence around the perimeter, and you could see the sky through the roof.  It took      over [2 days to get the store boxed up and on pallets.] It was a lot of work, but worth it considering    the what the community and animal shelters are getting [from the donations.] I am very proud to      be a part of this."

-Shawnna L., SAS Retail Services Team Lead


Team Members rearranged their schedules and adjusted their lives to work out in the cold and rain.   With hard hats, the over-powering stench of decay, and dark skies, our people-powered team in Portland worked aggressively to get the salvageable items out to donation centers and food banks.



 "I wanted to personally thank you for all of your awesome RMSI           associates. They worked so hard to help us get over 60 pallets of food [out...] They were amazing and worked really hard. You should be proud of the team.  They really stepped up in a BIG way."

                   -Safeway District Manager - Portland

*RMSI is a Division of SAS Retail Services dedicated to Albertsons Stores

And when it's us doing our job...

SAS Retail Services Team Members represent not only themselves, but establish respect for our clients through our professionalism and expertise. 

During that same ice storm, another store was refreshed even under the more-than-distracting obstacle. 

 "First, I might say your team was amazing. Every day, I came into the store, and it was neat and clean. Laura was great at walking the store with us and communicating. Mark let us know everything that needed to happen on our side to make things go smoother. Einar was a great team player.  Their teamwork and comradery were contagious. Thank you for giving me a class act!                         Thanks for all you do."

                                                                                     -Albertsons Store Director, Portland


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It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.