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Noun_Project_bowl_ salad_by_Anna_IvanovaWe begin a new year, and with it comes the motivation to "be better", to "do better".  We take what we learn from our previous and apply our own changes in order to improve ourselves.  This is what is important. As unique individuals, "better" isn't the same for everyone, and while there are some universal truths, such as getting enough sleep, eating healthy, reducing stress, and moving your body, there are many diverse thoughts as to how to accomplish those things. 

It's nothing new that Winter brings on the cold and flu season.  It's nothing new we are dealing with a pandemic that continues to penetrate our every-days. But, what is known is our knowledge and the capabilities of attaining said knowledge. Coming from an organization whose responsibility, whose purpose, is to help make sure communities and families' lives run a little smoother, we understand the challenges of keeping oneself healthy.  And, we want to share what a few of our Associates do to keep themselves going.  Again, everyone is different, and everyone is allowed to make their own choices.  We want to showcase the amazing people who show up every day and how they choose to make sure they can.

    • "I usually close my day crocheting something, a scarf, hat, shawl, etc., it helps to put my mind in blank and disconnect from all my work, and personal life responsibilities, so my stress gets to a low level" - Blanca R.
    • "I am an early riser.  It's my way of enjoying the quiet time to just think and plan my day. It’s where I enjoy my cup of coffee and be grateful for the many blessings in my life.

      It’s very easy to get wrapped up in work when you work from home (WFH), so I set calendar reminders – literal meetings with myself – to make sure I’m moving, eating, paying attention to what is going on around me. I take daily vitamins and supplements and use reminders to eat small meals several times per day. This keeps my blood sugar intact and helps avoid late-day energy slumps.

      I run or walk 5x per week. Mostly I try to get outside in the early morning after my kids leave for school.  If it's too cold or dark to go outside, I have a small walking treadmill that is right in my workspace.  I think better when I’m moving so I walk on it during calls where I’m not presenting. I set movement reminders, as well. Even if it’s just outside to the mailbox or laps around my house, my watch tells me when to get up and move around.

      These are all really small things but they add up to a much happier and healthier me."
      - Theresa H.
    • "I like to balance my body and my mind when it comes to health.  I take daily walks and drink at least 2 liters of water each day.  Outside of work, I read each day.  Not only for entertainment and enjoyment but also to focus my mind on just one thing.  It is easy to get caught up in work and what it throws at you.  This is my way of detaching." - Hannah F.  

    • running-g2d9344205_1920"Something I do on a weekly basis to keep healthy is to invest in exercise.  I exercise for a minimum of 20-60 minutes, 5-6 days a week.  I plan my week and how I will choose to invest in that time to become stronger, reduce stress, and sleep better.  I also plan my “off” day to be Monday or Friday.  I can choose to either ease into the workweek or ease into the weekend.  For some that may seem counterintuitive. Ever heard the term, 'Never miss a Monday?' But, it empowers me to be able to plan time to invest in myself, including a day or two for my body to recoup." - Karen H. 

    • "I'm someone who likes to jog or walk 5 miles a day.  It helps me clear my head, take some time for just me." - Troy S.

    • "I start my day with a cup of green tea with lemon, turmeric, ginger, and honey.  I like the antioxidant boost along with mental function and digestive support.  It's a way for me to take a moment for myself and just take in the world around me. I also make sure I am up to date on my vaccines after doing my own research on the advancements each offers.  It's important for me to understand what goes into my body, and how I take care of it."  - Megan R
    • "For me, mindset is so important. It's something I've been working on for quite some time now and it's really helped me navigate this crazy time. Every morning and evening I meditate. Over time I have reduced the monkey brain and increased the length of time. I journal and practice gratitude thinking. I rediscovered a creative hobby and spend a bit of time daily either drawing or painting. I have also been giving myself more grace and am respecting my body, allowing it to tell me what it needs. To that end, I eat very healthily (but allow myself some indulgences), move my body daily, and prioritize sleep." - Anita B. pottery-g7d1f506d7_1920

Healthy choices can make a world of difference.  The best part: they are what we each choose them to be.  Meditation, reading, exercising, eating right, diving into a hobby - anything that makes you feel good.  Nutrition and health can be overwhelming, especially in a world filled with visual consequence reminders around every corner.  Try whatever works for you (and your doctor, if needed,) and make a conscious choice to be a little better each day! 

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