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Meditation and Mental Health

mental week 1This week, we focus on Meditation; primarily the importance of Mental Health and the paths we can take to keep each of our own healthy and in a ‘good place.’ This can be a challenge especially during time of uncertainty and unexpected changes. With the added stress of COVID-19 (Coronavirus,) our norms are flipped upside down and our daily lives along with them. This type of stress can wreak havoc on your mind. It can also leave even the most level-headed person feeling nervous. And, how about those who already battle with previous/current mental challenges? The constant worry, the anxiety of the unknown and the angst we all feel of just wanting this to be over can be overwhelming.

This is where Meditation and positive Mental Health practices come into play. SAS Retail Services’ Team Member Virginia A. graciously volunteered her story to show others that they are not alone in the daily struggles associated with mental health.   

Since her time in the military Virginia has experienced episodes of anxiety and depression.  During a well-deserved vacation, she found herself without her daily prescription medication and alarm began to set in.  Knowing even an unintentional cold-turkey approach can be extremely dangerous, Virginia began to weigh and organize her very few options.  She then remembered another co-worker discussing the theory and practice of M.E.D.S. with her, especially the Meditation portion.  Virginia mentally prepped herself and began a daily routine of calming methods of breathing, while listening to soothing inspirational music. She removed herself from anxiety-triggering atmospheres (when possible) and replaced her circumstances with ones she knew would be positive activities and surroundings.  She still experiences bouts of anxiety and depression but manages her mental health one day at a time.  The vacation went on and proved relaxing.  To this day, Virginia has been able to discontinue the daily prescription medication, incorporated all aspects of M.E.D.S. into her daily life and has seen a dramatic difference. Tools 2 thrive

Other practices can be incorporated to coincide with what works best for you. First comes the knowledge of your personal situation. Mental Health of America provides free screening assessments available to anyone. “Knowledge is Power.” Take control over your own mind and include meditative training as part of your daily routine. Pick a couple exercises and activities which you already find calming. Engage in them more often and see if you feel a result. Document your days to see if you progress. If not, keep trying different ‘formulas’ or complimentary activities.

Be mindful of your environment and know that you are not alone in your journey. The mind is a powerful thing, and it should remain healthy.

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