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Keep your well-being a priority

Posted by Megan Reinertson on August 21, 2020

Focus on your health and positive life situations, and you can handle any challenge that comes your way.

Change is difficult; even more so when it is unexpected and continues to open new hurdles as each day passes. Today’s current social and economic climate creates a constant unrest with many uncertainties. 

The rotating negative messages fluctuating our media is overwhelming. Many of us have come to a point where we turn off our individual news sources and crave positive outlets and guidance.  For those that use this as a brief relief from reality, it leaves many of us feeling isolated and focused on personal well-being. Knowing your actions affect you and those around you, it's okay to make yourself a priority.

With that in mind, ask yourself these questions:WELL BEING ON JOB
  • Are getting enough rest?
  • Are you staying hydrated?
  • Do you make time for yourself?
  • Can you put yourself in a relaxing atmosphere?
  • Do you take a break from screens?
  • Are you exercising your body and mind?
  • Are you surrounding yourself with positive 
  • Are you engaged in a positive social atmosphere?
  • Are you respecting yourself and those around you?

At TNG Retail Services, we care about our employees’ well-being. We are taking strides in creating a positive and collaborative culture. As we continue to develop our software and programs, we are reminded of how change effects us all. Not only professionally, but personally.  We want to make sure we can provide any help and guidance to our Team Members’ well-being.

We want to be your partner and do what we can to help toward a healthy journey. We provide resources so you can focus positively on yourself and do the best job worthy of you.

You have the power to affect your surroundings, just as much as your surroundings affect you. Take control and change will no longer be overwhelming but seen as a challenge you can overcome.

Are you part of the TNG Retail Services Team?  Let us know how you are doing by checking out the CHIME IN button when you log into SRS.

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