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Power Up Your Front End with Merchandising

Posted by John Perner on April 11, 2019



In today’s amped up world, shoppers are always looking for quick energy for themselves and sustainable energy for their devices –it is imperative to keep powerful brands in stock, so that they are in arm's reach of every customer that goes through the check lanes.

Checkout Shelf Space is at a Premium

While you may be paying a premium for shelf space at check out, you may not be gaining all that you can. Having a great product and a great location means nothing if your shelves are empty. All too often, regardless of the product, typical retail environments may impede sales in a variety of ways. Check-lane fixtures have few facings and the holding power is limited, so out-of-stocks are common. Shoppers themselves may pick up something, thinking they need it, and then discard the item somewhere else, deciding they don’t. It may be that product visibility is off, or that inventory issues plague a certain store or stores, whether that be from phantom inventory of true out-of-stocks. Those out-of-stocks can be a result of phantom inventory blocking reorder triggers, inadequate or missing back stock, or simply not enough restocking of your product.


After completing a thorough review for two powerful check lane brands, we were able to make simple changes that are now netting them a significant increase in sales.

We work with CPG companies by offering a variety of service plans to keep their products in stock. ROI is typically, and often significantly, increased.

We are strategic in all we do. If you have sales lagging for any reason, we stand ready to help.

We make your impossible possible.

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