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Rethinking Staple Categories For Added Profits In Grocery

Posted by Anita Baldwinson on July 3, 2019
Anita Baldwinson
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As with so many things, Millennials are making changes and redefining how we think about customer experience. Shopper types have changed and continue to evolve. The relentless rise of on-line continues to shape expectations at store level also. Shoppers and consumers are certainly more educated today and peer reviews play into expectations as well creating fluidity of loyalty. No doubt, exceeding expectations at the point of purchase is key in gaining market share, across all industries. For grocers, the opportunities to continue capture this demographic are rife. Most especially, the HBC (health and beauty care) and GM (general merchandise) categories have so much potential to introduce unique products that appeal.

Capturing this market and the profits that come along with it requires just the right product mix, display, and customer experience. The old days of guessing and cookie cutter displays just don’t work. New methods, interesting products, display designs that entice, signage that attracts and resonates are integral to the mix. In the grocery store, we know that the perimeter has the highest customer traffic. Looking at the perimeter with a fresh approach is an obvious opportunity, but getting it right can be tricky. 

SAS brings store-level execution expertise to the HBC and GM categories for grocers. Assortment and convenience are key drivers for the Millennial market and for Gen Xers. We are masters at merchandising and our national execution team gets you capturing sales faster. We make more possible. 

You know your customers.  Together, working in partnership, we will rethink staple categories and add to your bottom line. 

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