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Posted by Megan Reinertson on October 22, 2021


The Grocery Innovations Canada virtual event is right around the corner, and SAS Retail Services is excited to join this year’s list of virtual exhibitors.

Getting Noticed

The number of retailers represented at the conference continues to grow. And, why not? Being the premier retail show hosted in Canada, this is an opportunity for retailers across the country to take full advantage of exploring new products. Perhaps even more importantly, with the 'matching' technology, the opportunity to establish new relationships and reconnect with industry colleagues is made easy and fun. It’s an opportunity for suppliers and service providers to engage in partnerships and launch new programs.

“Very few retailers and suppliers in Canada know SAS Retail Services. They are going to walk the virtual floor and see us but could not tell you who we are. We want them to walk away with the thought that ‘something unexpected just happened, and I am interested in learning more.’ We can prove our top spot within the industry, and that is why we need to be here.”

-Keith McPhail - Director Retail Programs, Canada

Your Unique Situations Need Custom Solutions

When it comes to In-store execution, SAS Retail's solutions are not cookie-cutter. Every retailer is unique, and everything they do in their stores is unique to them.  The resources we allocate and design have them in mind, are dedicated to working with their programs. From training to technology - it is specific.

"We continue to see In-store execution programs evolve over the years.  When we [SAS] talk about In-store execution in this context, we mean category updates, new item introductions, remodels, new stores, and focusing on reducing out-of-stocks, voids, and vanishing inventories.  While we've been really successful in other areas, we are now expanding into Canada.  We just partnered with one of the largest retailers in Canada, and are seeing drastic results.  We see this as being beneficial to the Canadian retail market."

-Michael Bellman, SAS President

Adding Tech to Your Executions

Our ‘proof is in the [aisle 3 😉] pudding’, when it comes to industry innovation. During the event, SAS Retail is launching our SAS- ReboticsTM program: AI-driven technology and retail automation. This interactive identification allows retail to capture the chaos before it creeps. It corrects for compliance and gains visibility to increase efficiencies in labor and sales in every store.

Rebotics Image

“I feel we truly have something unique to offer. There are a lot of companies out there that offer execution. Execution is not rare. There are companies out there offering the ability to capture data. Where I believe us to be unique is we are able to provide execution at a high compliance rate, but also layer in a high level of proving efficiency. [We] not only capture data, we act on it. You can’t rely on your basic technology to solve your problems. SAS Rebotics is the tool to not only show problems or potential problems, but then fixes on the spot. That’s where I think our technology is unique.”

- Omar el Kady - SVP Retail Operations Canada

With Today's Labour Challenges, Collaboration is Also Key

Labor challenges are not unique to anyone throughout North America. SAS is no different, however, we do have alternatives to what's being done today. What these innovative programs add is consistency to the store. It makes for a better associate; a more stable associate.  We find that within these programs, our retention and turnover significantly improves over the general market conditions.

Come check us out at the GIC event going on October 26th - 28th, 2021. Want to learn more? 

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