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Need To Switch Priorities at Grocery Retail?

Posted by Anita Baldwinson on December 3, 2020
Anita Baldwinson
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Project merchandisers setting a section to plan

We are Ready With a Playbook

The unprecedented spring shutdown and the collective experience we all faced set the country into chaos. And while there was much fear, stress, uncertainty, and unrest, we also saw many of our team channel bravery, resilience, compassion, and commitment. We provided 180,000 hours in direct response to the crisis. Most of our team members chose to work, and together we found a collective purpose to help families and communities. We continue to be committed to that purpose.

Should There be a More Wide-spread Shutdown, We're Here

With concerns rising that there will be another more widespread shutdown happening in the next while, we once again stand ready to help support retailers and manufacturers in keeping shelves stocked and more. We expect the holiday season to add another level of complexity. In the efforts to reduce the repeat of the spring chaos, we have taken measures to formalize a playbook. Should priorities switch at a grocery retailer from our usual in-store execution activities such as reset, remodel, and project work to crisis support activities, we’re ready.

Your Need to Pivot Fast ~ Answered

Our action plan takes into consideration how we pivot fast, winding down any projects to their tidy conclusion to the quick ramp up of those support activities. How we communicate that to our front-line field teams is crucial and our in-house developed, proprietary technology is key to us reaching out to our team members.

This past year, our IT team has been busy making improvements to our systems and the functionality added was in direct response to our requirements during this time. And, our clients gain comfort of having real-time data at their fingertips no matter where they are running their office out of, (Hailing all those WFH, couch workers).

Minimize Lost Revenue From Out-of-stocks and Supply-chain Disruptions

From labor planning to logistics and warehouse support and in-store stocking, we have point-people, and a backstage team to manage the transition to retail supporting tasks where our field team can execute at a high level. We quickly respond to the needs of both retailers and suppliers to retail to minimize lost revenue from out of stocks and supply-chain disruptions.

Here’s a brief list of additional tasks we will take on.

We Are Here To Support
  • Merchandising and end display
  • Keep shelves stocked and faced
  • Maintain schematic integrity and stock levels for all priority categories 
  • Sanitize store
  • Pick and pack for E-commerce orders
  • Rotate stock
  • Facing 
  • Throw freight
  • Help hang tags on tag night
  • Bag groceries
  • Sweep
  • Gather carts
  • Help customers
  • Inspect what you expect auditing

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