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Posted by Megan Reinertson on September 9, 2021

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Change is scary. But, change is also exciting.  It affords new opportunities, a chance to take what you've learned and apply it more accurately: an avenue of correcting and/or perfecting previous performances. Change encourages us to grow and evolve.  Sometimes, it delivers the avenue of growth we were not afforded.  

TNG Retail Services provided outstanding performance to its clients, its customers, and its team members.  They always looked to create custom solutions and empower our people-powered organization.  And, now, they will have even more resources to do so under the SAS Retail Services name.  

As of September 1st, 2021, TNG Retail Services joined the SAS Retail Services family.  A junction that brings two amazing teams together. 

“I’m excited to welcome TNG associates to our team,” says Michael Bellman, President of SAS Retail Services. “The coming together of these organizations creates an unparalleled service offering for our retailer and supplier partners.”

What does this Mean for our Clients, Customers, and Team Members? 

The momentum and focus of two dedicated teams creates a powerhouse of opportunity and collaboration.  Learning from one another and inter-mingling best practices creates positive results for all parties involved, especially when those two teams are brought under one umbrella. 

Considering the competition that once fueled these two organizations, it goes without question our combined expertise will nurture current projects and programs while leading and innovating new strategies.  The integrated skills and knowledge pave the way for success only varied talent could achieve. 

But, it's not about the wins we each have.  We are not the players, merely the experts guiding our clients and team members toward achieving and surpassing their goals.  Our differences and diversities complement each other in various areas. Our vision and mission for our clients are not that different at all, really. We both apply unbiased expertise to efficiently solve for any product movement at retail in order for you to move your business forward.

Together, we continue to make things #possible for our customers and team members, especially now that #WeAreSASRetail. 


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